Detailed Information

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HHdbV contains considerably more information than HHdbIV did. Apart from almost 9,500 new studies, also the solutions of tens of thousands of studies have been updated, e.g. by adding sublines from primary sources. Also, many endgame study enthusiasts reported thousands of cooks in studies to us.

Like in HHdbIV, sources of corrections, modifications or versions are added as text before the 1st move of the solution. The same goes for the cooks, including the names of the person(s) who cooked the study (and the relevant move is marked with his initials). This information is relevant for people writing about endgame studies. Without HHdbV it is almost impossible to find out where a certain correction of a study was published, or who managed to first cook that famous prize winner!

Other details/additions:

– Publication year of pre-1792 studies added.

– If known, exact publication dates (e.g. newspapers) or publication month (magazines) are included.

– in case of 100% anticipations: the reference to the relevant study was added.

– For studies that were inspired on a previous study (“after”): the reference to the relevant study added.

EG-number included.

– For some studies, the composer mentioned the composition date (year) of a study which (of course) was earlier than the year of publication. This information is included.

– Results of ring tourneys is added.

– Source information was added if a study was published as an original in more than a single source.

– In some cases, orthodox chess problems are sometimes published as win studies. If known, the original stipulation is provided.